Customer Review Of Adrian Brien Hyundai By Jan From Hilton

“I have just tonight picked up my brand new i30 From the time I ‘browsed’ last Saturday I fell in love with the new Active i30 when I test drove it, I previously had a Holden and in the past year have been stressed and upset and on the verge of taking action against a certain branch due to negligence of my car….I have had the most amazing and best service ever! from the staff atAdrien Brien Hyundai! I mean that from the bottom of my heart….No pressure was put upon me, I felt totally relaxed from the time I met Nic who was amazing in New Cars! Then Michael the Finance Manager was just brilliant. Both explained everything clearly, did not push anything on me about other cars, but let me decide ….Without Nic and Michael I probably would have gone elsewhere…I was anxious before I got there, but loved the whole experience! I love my new car…. THANKYOU NIC THANKYOU MICHAEL! you are both truly amazing! xxoo”

– Jan From Hilton.

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