Customer Review Of Adrian Brien Automotive By Brett From Flagstaff Hill“To whom it may concern,

My name is Brett Aldridge and I recently purchased a Dodge Nitro from the Adrian Brien group.

Firstly may I say how impressed I have been with the dealings I have had with your staff, many thanks go to John Air, Ben Bastian, Michael Spagnuolo and Daniel Fox.

You are probably aware of the troubles I had experienced with a Major Toyota Dealer from whom I purchased a Jeep Cherokee that I was trading in on the Dodge Nitro, your staff held the Nitro for me and kept in constant contact with me until the whole mess with the Jeep was sorted out.

The price of the Nitro and the trade-in I received from you company was very fair and once again I compliment the Adrian Brien group on the way they handle their business practices.

Never once did I feel pressured into buying a car and the level of service from John Air was excellent and I am going to recommend him to any friends or family that are in the market for a new vehicle.

Michael Spagnuolo looked after me with the finance and the interest rate he acquired for me on the loan was very much appreciated, the whole finance process was made so easy, thank you Michael.

Ben Bastian contacted me on a regular basis during the time I was having issues with the Jeepand Toyota, Ben provided me with valuable information on what rites I had in regards to theJeep issue, Ben also made sure I had a loan car when the Nitro had some work done on it this week, thank you Ben.

Lastly I want to thank Daniel Fox, he had to collect my Nitro from my place of employment and return it to Adrian Brien’s for work to done on it, this bloke is at the coal face of your business and it’s nice to deal with someone with his attitude and friendly disposition, thank you Daniel.

Thank you to all the team at Adrian Brien it has been a pleasure to do business with you and please feel free to use any or all of this letter as a Testimonial to other customers, I look forward to future business dealings with you.

Kind regards,

Brett Aldridge and family.”

– Brett from Flagstaff Hill.

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