Customer Review Of Adelaide Wedding DJ By Paul Coffey, Groom, Wedding Reception

“In the process of organizing our wedding we had to make – literally – hundreds of decisions about who would be responsible for what, and how much it would cost. And I can say, with all sincerity, that hiring Loc as our DJ was one of the very best decisions we made. His engagement with our event starting long before the big day, when he was fantastically responsive over email regarding our myriad of questions related to music and video concerns. Closer to the day, we appreciated the time he took to visit the venue together with us and go over the plan for the evening .. he even helped us with our dance steps! And finally, on the big night, Loc kept our 100+ guests entertained with a five hour set that included all the songs we asked for – and plenty more that were very suitable for the occasion. In short, Loc was everything that we hoped for, and then some. Trust me when I say that whatever you’re paying Loc, he’s actually worth double that.”

Paul Coffey, Groom, Wedding Reception

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