Customer Review Of Adelaide Function DJ By Deanna Ortuso, Adelaide Actor And Producer, Fashion Show And Movie Launch

“On the night of our film premiere we had the pleasure to be entertained by not just a DJ, not just an MC but a friendly and comedic Host who added to the celebrations of our evening. Loc Tran provided three services to our company, DJ, MC/Host and Comedian. His vast choice of music was greatly enjoyed by over 200 guests at our event throughout the night. The playlist selection had something for everyone and got many people of all ages up and dancing. Loc demonstrated confident skills in being our Master of Ceremonies for this three and half hour exclusive event. His ability to catch audience attention and involve the audience came easily to him. His comedic timing of jokes and initial ice breakers set an entertaining and relaxed mood for all who attended. Considering the amount of initial preparation time we gave to DJ Loc Tran to rehearse he was able to add his own unique and refreshing style in such a short amount of time. We along with our sister companies will certainly be acquiring the delightful, talented and skilful services of DJ Loc Tran in our future events.”

Deanna Ortuso, Adelaide Actor And Producer, Fashion Show And Movie Launch


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