Perfect Little Japanese Restaurant South Of Adelaide

I found this place only very recently even though I work just a few minutes away and it’s fast become my favourite place to visit for lunch. By the way I’m slightly biased since I love Japanese food… So anyways, I ordered the Sashimi small pack 9 pieces combination raw fish with Miso Soup ($12.00) and the Miso Ramen Japanese egg noodle in soy bean broth with vegetables and roast pork ($9.50). It was just perfect, I loved it so much, nice and fresh with just the right amount of flavour, not too spicy and not too bland. If you love Japanese food and live in the south then you should check out the Maru Japanese and Korean Restaurant. Even if you don’t like Japanese / Korean food, if you check it out you might be pleasantly surprised. The only down side is that the place is quite small, maybe it’s because Japanese people are small people but when I’m standing at the counter ordering my food and the person sitting at the table next to me decides to get up I have to move out of the way so that they can get out of their seat. Otherwise everything else is just great!


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