Egyptian Belly Dance Arrives In North Adelaide

Rediscover sensuality, tone up and have fun learning traditional and modern styles of belly dance direct from it’s home in Egypt.

Through Noura’s step-by-step teaching, students learn how to really dance, not just shake their hips, although there’s plenty of that of course. Styles covered range from the spontaneous and energetic Sha’abi to the well-known Sharqi or classical belly dance. The music is just as diverse: traditional Oriental, modern Arabic pop and even tunes likely to be heard belting out of a passing tuk-tuk.

Classes are held at VIP Dance Studio on cosmopolitan O’Connell Street on Monday nights and Saturday mornings. Both sessions run for one hour and are open to all. The Saturday session is slightly slower, tailored towards those new to dance, older dancers, recent mums, women getting ready for pregnancy and those with less mobility. Classes cost $15 or a block of five classes costs $65.

For more information visit or contact Noura on 0410 239 523 or


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