All-New Ford Focus With Active Park Assist (Titanium Series Only)

It begins the first time you start the all-new Focus with nothing more than the touch of a button (Titanium series only). The addictive pleasure of driving a car that’s intuitively in-tune with you. It puts you effortlessly in control with technology that has all the right ‘apps’ covered. And we mean effortless. One touch of a button and Active Park Assist parallel parks your car in a matter of seconds (Titanium series only). You don’t even need to touch the wheel. But when you do need to keep your hands safely on the wheel, Focus can do the rest for you. Just ask and it will dial friends and family, play your favourite music, even set the perfect inside temperature.

“I love love love my Focus! It is a great ride and I have major back issues

. My Focus is a comfortable ride on trips as well as jonts up the road. When ever anyone asks I tell them how much I love my Focus. Even when the gas prices soar I still have fantastic things to say about it. I take it in like clock work for maintainance and have never had any issues with it.” – Cat.


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