Customer Review Of Adrian Brien Automotive By Rob Whitford

“Recently, 6th April, I visited your used cars lot with a mild interest in an FG XR6, specifically the colour was to be EGO being what my BF XR6 was. One being in the yard, I spent some time looking over it and was approached by a salesperson who got the conversation going in the right direction. I took up the offer for an appraisal to be done on my BF and some numbers were then shuffled around. After about an hour, I said I would go away and think about it, and get back in touch the following day, which I did. I made a counter offer, and it was suggested to return to sort out the fine details. I’m happy to say that everything was finalized to my satisfaction and the paperwork was signed off at that time. The salesperson I dealt with was Aaron Watson and I wish to commend him on his ‘style’, his pleasant personality and most importantly, the simple fact that he did not employ any high pressure sales techniques so common in the trade. It was a pleasing experience dealing with Aaron/ADRIAN BRIEN AUTOMOTIVE. Rob Whitford. 6 May 2011.”

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