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via Laura Roeder by Laura on 11/11/10

When we think of marketing, we often think of the Big Campaigns – the headlines, the advertising, the offers. But the truth is it isn’t always about the Big Campaign but all the little opportunities to promote your business and share your message.

One marketing opportunity you’ve likely overlooked is your LinkedIn headline. Most people leave it blank but it’s a great way to give a quick hit overview of what you offer every time someone views your LinkedIn profile.

Here’s a one-minute video explaining how to change your LinkedIn headline:

Click Here To Read The Transcript

Hi, this is Laura Roeder of getthedash.com and today I’m showing you how to change your headline on LinkedIn.

So, the first step is to sign on to your LinkedIn account at linkedin.com and you’re going to find ‘profile’ right here on the top navigation and click on that. Now, we’re at the page where we can edit our profiles and what you’re looking for is this line right underneath your name. So, again your name is the top thing on your profile. And then we’re looking for this line right below it. That’s your headline.

So, click ‘edit’ to the right of that line. And then we have your professional “headline”, as LinkedIn puts it. This is where you can enter whatever headline you like. And since it gives you such a short box, you might want to write it out in Word or something like that and then copy and paste in here.

You can put whatever you like as your professional headline. Hit ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done. You’ll see that your request is successful and you should see your headline show up right here below your name.

So, again this is Laura Roeder.

How to Change Your LinkedIn Profile Headline is a post from: Laura Roeder

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