#DJ #Adelaide: Eventbrite best practices: 5 simple tips for organizers

DJ Adelaide


via The Future of Event Management by Nicole on 4/11/10

Here on the Eventbrite support team, we hear from both event organizers and attendees alike. And we’ve seen firsthand how some of Eventbrite’s simplest tools can make a big difference. We thought we would share some tips, tricks and best practices to make sure that you and your attendees have the best possible experience at your next event.

1) Use the Event Details (Step 3 on the Edit page) to give your guests all of the information they’ll need. Here you can add an FAQ, details on your refund policy, info on where to park, what to wear and who to contact if guests have questions. Some guests really appreciate a phone number so feel free to add yours here!  Learn more

2) Map it! Choose the option to display the Google Map on your event page. This will help attendees locate your venue. It also improves your ranking in event searches, including searches on our directory.

3) Collect Custom Information about your attendees so you get everything you need to know from them ahead of time. You can ask for the names of each person the ticket buyer is registering, and attendees can pre-select T-shirt sizes, meal choices or other information you may need to help you prepare for the event.  Learn more

4) Edit Your Order Confirmation. Sometimes, as in the case of an online webinar, the pdf tickets our system provides by default may not be necessary. You can determine if they are necessary and enter any information your attendees may need for your event. We have seen users enter Parking instructions, specific directions for what to bring, where they should go if they have questions at the event.  Learn more

5) Communicate with your attendees using the Email Attendees feature. This area is great for entering webinar log in instructions, notifications, additional details or changes made to your event, like which door they should use, or sending out a “Save the Date” for your next event!  Learn more

Using our simple tools, you can make your guests feel welcome, excited about the event, and well taken care of. It’s easy to make sure everyone is on the same page and make sure your attendees know who puts on the best show in town. Try applying these tips to a new event now!

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