#Adelaide #Marketing: How to Let Readers Sell to Themselves

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via Inbox Ideas by Amanda Gagnon on 4/11/10

You may have heard of the 60/40 content ratio: send helpful or fun information as 60% of your content, and the 40% of promotions will be easier to swallow.

But coming up with enough informative content to mix and match with your sales pushes with can be challenging.

So a few companies have tried an innovative technique: a choose-your-identity game that entertains and informs and all the while, sells products.

Keep reading to see the technique for yourself, then get ideas for how you can adopt it in your own email marketing campaigns.

Discover Your Doppelganger

The Container Store, peddler of myriad storage solutions, created four personas of women who use their products. (I'm curious if male subscribers received different options!)

Subscribers can choose which character they identify with, then read just what product that character needs and why.

Why this is genius: Since their alter ego needs the product, the reader needs it, too. The Container Store has just created a need that only their product can fill.

Container Traveler Sm

Choose Your Truffle-Twin

Vosges, a chocolate boutique, sent an email that works in the opposite direction. First, readers choose their favorite truffle, then they read the matching personality description.

If the reader's nature doesn't match their chosen truffle's fortune, can keep scanning 'til they find a match. Then they'll have to explore their new suggested favorite!

Why this is genius: The truffle is presented as an expression of the reader, who may accept it as part of their self-perception. Whether they try it once or start using it as their signature gift, their interest in tweaked and their loyalty is increased.

Vosges What Truffle

Creating One Yourself

You can adapt this technique to your own products any way you like, but if you want more inspiration, here are some suggestions:

If you're a fitness trainer, choose the items you want to promote, whether they're classes, fitness plans or equipment. Then let readers pick their lifestyle – corporate traveler, college student, stay-at-home mom – to see which is right for them.

If you own a cafe or restaurant, consider your clientele. Ladies who lunch have different needs from businessmen closing deals and families with children. Suggest a perfect dish for each.

If you sell clothing, find inspiration in the personal ads – play pick-the-perfect-date. Think mountain hike, dinner in the city, movies and popcorn. Then suggest an outfit for each, available at your store!

Your Suggestions Welcome

What do you think of these choose-your-identity games? Do you have an idea for creating one in another industry?

We want to hear from you, so share your thoughts in the comment space below!



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